DILG-CAR Programs & Projects CY 2013

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These are the Major Programs & Projects of the DILG-CAR as listed in its Operations, Plan and Budget (OPB) for Calendar Year 2013.



Business Friendly & Competitive LGUs


For this Outcome Area, the Department is pursuing the program Enhancing Economic Growth and Competitiveness in Local Governments, with the following projects:


Simplification of Transaction-Based Services



Environment Protective, Climate Change Adaptive
& Disaster Resilient LGUs

In order to achieve the LGU Performance Outcome of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM)-Capable LGUs, and Environment Protection Capableand Climate Change Adaptive LGUs, the Department is implementing the program Enhancing LGU Capacity on CCA-DRRM and Disaster Preparedness.


The Department has a three-component framework to achieve adaptive and disaster resilient LGUs leading to more self-reliant and safe communities. The cycle framework includes assessment, capacity enhancement and enabling access to financing.


Assessment tells us whether or not our LGUs are institutionally prepared and what are gaps into becoming resilient. To date, Seal of Disaster Preparedness (SDP) and Infrastructure Audit are already conducted in the region, while the Environmental Compliance Audit for RA 9003 was piloted at Tuba, Benguet.




Capacity Enhancement



Socially-Protective & Safe LGUs


The Department has two programs under this Outcome Area to achieve Law and Order, and Public Safety Capable LGUs and Social Protection Capable LGUs. These are Public Safety: Mainstreaming Peace and Development in Local Governance; and Social Protection: Empowering LGUs in the Delivery of Social Service.

Public Safety: Mainstreaming Peace and Development in Local Governance


Social Protection: Empowering LGUs in the Delivery of Social Service

The Region is recipient of two projects addressing problem on potable water supply. These are the Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat (SALINTUBIG) and Bottom-Up Planning and Budgeting.



Accountable, Transparent, Participative & Effective Local Governance


To achieve transparent and accountable LGUs, the Department has performance oversight mechanisms to continuously monitor LGU compliance to the Full Disclosure Policy (FDP) and other relevant directives, Multi-sectoral Partnership mechanisms to promote active CSO and people’s participation in local governance, and LGU Award and Incentives to recognize and incentivize LGU good performance through the Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) and Performance Challenge Fund (PCF), among others.


Performance Oversight Mechanism

Multi-Sectoral Partnership Mechanism


Local Government Units (LGUs) Award and Incentives