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Special Local Roads Fund (SLRF)




The Special Local Roads Fund (SLRF) is apportioned to provincial and city governments in accordance with the vehicle population and size of the road network under their jurisdictions, and used exclusively for maintenance of local roads, traffic management and road safety devices (Sec. 7 of RA 8794, otherwise known as the Motor Vehicle User's Charge Law).


The Motor Vehicle Users’ Charge Law (MVUC Law) declares that it is the policy of the state to provide for and ensure the adequate maintenance of National and Provincial roads through sufficient funding for the purpose. It also provides for the imposition of Motor Vehicle User’s Charges on owners of all types of vehicles and penalty for overloading.


A Memorandum of Agreement dated 24 June 2005 between DPWH and DILG was executed relative to the Administration of the Special Local Roads Fund covering the planning, programming, apportionment of SLRF to provinces and cities, monitoring and reporting the utilization of the SLRF. (Link to MOA)


For CY 2011, over PhP12M from the 2010 MVUC-SLRF was sub-allotted to the different provinces for the maintenance of local roads. In 2010, a total of PhP 13,514,997.76 from the 2008 MVUC-SLRF was sub-allotted to the different local governments in the region.