Anti-Red Tape Act - Report Card Survey (ARTA-RCS) for Local Governments

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SEC. 10of RA 9485. Report Card Survey. - All offices and agencies providing frontline services shall be subjected to a Report Card Survey to be initiated by the Civil Service Commission, in coordination with the Development Academy of the Philippines, which shall be used to obtain feedback on how provisions in the Citizen's Charter are being followed and how the agency is performing.



The Report Card Survey shall also be used to obtain information and/or estimates of hidden costs incurred by clients to access frontline services which may include, but is not limited to, bribes and payment to fixers.



A feedback mechanism shall be established in all agencies covered by this Act and the results thereof shall be incorporated in their annual report.



In 2012, the ARTA-RCS, as a monitoring tool, was used to obtain feedback on how LGUs follow provisions in their respective Citizen’s Charter, obtain information/estimates of hidden costs incurred by clients in accessing frontline services, and rate LGU performance and client satisfaction in relation to frontline service delivery.


Instruments used for this participatory survey include the following:


Results of the ARTA-RCS form part of the indicators of the Seal of Good Housekeeping.


ARTA –RCS Results in CAR