Establishment of LGRRC-CAR

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Local Governance Regional Resource Center - Cordillera Administrative Region (LGRRC-CAR) was initially established on October 2009 during the leadership of former Regional Director Patrick D. Onus and Assistant Regional Director Robert P. Mangangey, Sr.  Towards this development, the LGRRC-CAR was created to: 1) promote a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing in pursuit of sustainable development through excellence in local governance; 2) support DILG-CAR in its role as a primary catalyst for excellence in local governance; 3) harness the role of DILG-CAR as knowledge brokers and facilitators of capacity development in local governance in the Cordillera Administrative Region; 4) facilitate the integration of knowledge management in DILG-CAR processes and systems towards building the Department as a Knowledge-Centric Organization; 5) be a dynamic, interactive and virtual program; 6) contribute to building the Department of the Interior Local Government-Cordillera Administrative Region as a knowledge-centric organization or KCO; 7) build learning communities that pursue local governance excellence through  knowledge sharing and innovation.



Advantages LGRRC-CAR can give to the Region


With the LGRRC-CAR, DILG clients and stakeholders now has an identified go-to website as source of basic information. Local officials, students, researchers may find answers to their inquiries about Local Governance in one site.


Most relevant sets of information from national government agencies, non government organizations, civil societies, people’s organizations and the academe may now be available to the public since LGRRC-CAR is a product of convergence. Experts in the various fields may easily be tapped thru the Multi-Sectoral Advisory Committee (MSAC). As members they are committed to deliver lectures, conduct dialogs and provide materials to assist clients.