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Core Facilities / Functions of LGRRC

The Four (4) Core Facilities of LGRRC with their functions:

Public Education on Good Governance, Development & Citizenship

1) Promotes good local governance practices and innovations by:
a. Providing a venue for dialogue on issues and concerns and presentation of exemplary practices, cases, tools and processes in local governance through citizen’s education, forum and dialogues;
b. Developing partnership with media for public education and linkage with existing citizen’s watch systems and tools.

2) Facilitates getting inputs from citizens on relevant knowledge and information needed for continuous citizen’s education.

3) Facilitates citizen’s participation through various venues of knowledge dissemination, sharing and exchanges.



1) Provides knowledge products, technology and relevant information on local governance through: an integrated library Management System (ILMS) that includes:

a) a network of physical libraries with collection of materials on local governance;

b) a web-based library system


1) Promotes quality, strategic and responsive capacity development by providing:
a) LGU Capacity development requirements using systems and processes like LGPMS, SCALOG, LGU Capacity Development Plans and ELA;

b) Integrated profile and plan of LGU capacity development requirements;

c) Capacity development materials and resources development and enhancement; and

d) Knowledge exchange through effective utilization of appropriate communication channels

2) Conduct of:

a) Monitoring and evaluation on the relevance, utilization and impact of knowledge shared;

b) Conferences, round table discussions fora


1) Promotes virtual knowledge sharing network that encourages the spirit of knowledge sharing and utilization among LGRC partners and among the LGRCs in the LGRC network;

2) Provide access to network of coaches, experts and Local Resource Institutions (LRIs) through referral services to the pool of coaches, local resource partners and institutions;

3) Facilitate multi-stakeholdership and network building;

4) Generates customer feedback to enable new knowledge creation and/or updating;

5) Locate existing resources and systems that can be built on or enhanced.