DILG – CAR jumpstarts payment of turned-in firearms in Ifugao

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Ceferino Ballogan (in red shirt) and  Manuel  Yohoy receive the payment for the firearms they turned in from Gov.  Denis Habawel and DILG-CAR RD John Castañeda while other members of the Ifugao PPOC stand as witnesses

Awarding of payment of turned-in firearms during the Ifugao Provincial Peace and Order Meeting.  (L-R) LTC Eddie Pilapil, PNP SSupt John Colino, BGen Roger Salvador, DILG Ifugao PD Rosario Dumelod, Ceferino Ballogan, Manuel  Yohoy, Gov.  Denis Habawel, and DILG-CAR RD John Castañeda.


Payments of turned in firearms in the Cordillera jumpstarted in Ifugao during the 2nd Quarter Provincial Peace and Order Council Meeting last June 6 at the Ifugao Police Provincial Office, Poblacion North, Lagawe, Ifugao.


DILG Regional Director John M. Castañeda together with Provincial Governor Denis B. Habawel, 501st Infantry Brigade BGEN Roger D Salvador, PNP PD PSSUPT John T Colinio, LTC Eddie M. Pilapil of the 54th IB, 5ID, Philippine Army, and DILG OIC PD Rosario B. Dumelod handed the checks to two of the six recipients from Ifugao who were present during the PPOC Meeting.  


The total cost of valuation and inventoried firearms of the six recipients is Php 77,850.00.  Manuel H. Yohoy and Ceferino N.Ballogan received Php 29, 250.00 each.


Payment of turned in firearms is part of the Government of the Philippines (GPH) – Cordillera Bodong Administration (CBA) – Cordillera Peoples’ Liberation Army (CPLA) Memorandum of Agreement which specifically provides for the gradual process of disposition of arms of the CPLA members which includes registration of firearms under the PNP Firearms Law, valuation and/or registration of inventoried firearms, storage and demilitarization of turned-in firearms,  among others.


RD Castañeda said that 54 firearms were initially turned in region-wide – six coming from Ifugao.  

“The payment of turned in firearms shows that the closure agreement is still working and displays the seriousness and cooperation of former rebels and the government,” said RD Castañeda. He encouraged the former rebels to return to the mainstream society to avail of the benefits from the government.


RD Castañeda turned over the four remaining checks to PNP PD PSSUPT John T Colinio for distribution to the other beneficiaries.  # Gyda H. Namingit, DILG Ifugao