Children Welfare Forum culminates the 21st National Children’s Month in Kalinga

Created on Tuesday, 25 March 2014 09:23
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Kalinga, through the Provincial Council for the Protection of Children (PCPC), conducted a Children Welfare Forum as a culminating activity for the month-long 21st National Children’s Month Celebration at the Kalinga Astrodome last Nov. 7. Members of the PCPC, with Gov. Jocel C. Baac as the chair, formed the pool of panelists during the forum with the theme “Kahirapan Wakasan, Karapatan ng Bata Ipaglaban” attended by faculty members, students and parents of St. Tonis College.


PCPC Vice Chair and DILG PD Francisco Gamatero commended the parents and teachers in his opening message. “Children should be grateful of their parents for without them, we do not exist; and to the teachers who contribute a lot to the life of children in paving the way for them to the peak of success,” he said. He cited four children’s rights, namely, the right to participation, education, life and development.


Gov. Jocel Baac, on the other hand, enumerated the different programs of the provincial government in partnership with the different agencies that support children’s welfare such as Counseling on Responsible Parenthood, Marriage Counseling, Early Childhood Care, and others. “These (PCPC activities) are not only for compliance. We have to do something for the development of young children considering they are the next generation to man society that’s why these programs are being carried out,” said Gov. Baac.


The forum included lectures on the Anti-bullying Act, drug abuse and anti-trafficking laws.#Hanna Elveña, DILG-Kalinga